Corporate Banking
Group Corporate Banking provides a comprehensive suite of conventional and Shariah-compliant financing solutions to corporate clients whose shares are listed on stock exchanges locally and/ or abroad, multinational companies, the government and government agencies and government-linked companies. Financial solutions provided include working capital funding, trade financing, foreign currency hedging, project financing and syndication, as well as funding of corporate exercises. Our reach extends across Southeast Asia to support our clients’ growth regionally. Optimising our regional presence, we selectively seize opportunities to grow in countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand or partner with our clients in countries where they have a presence.

The business provides bespoke structured financing and win-win value propositions to meet our clients’ needs and to progress together, made possible by a strong team of professionals building on trust and delivering excellent customer service based on long-term professional relationships.
Corporate Banking Key Areas
Government link & Liability Management
Group Corporate Banking Service Partner
Malaysian Corporate & Corporate Sarawak
Malaysian Corporate & Sarawak
Malaysian Corporate & Indonesia
MNC & International Coordinator
Malaysian Corporate & Japanese Bussiness
Syndication & Malaysia Corporate & Corporate Sabah & Labuan
Corporate Banking Roles
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