Working Hour
Regular Hours
Monday - Friday
Business Area
Community Banking
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
Working Hour
Regular Hours
Monday - Friday
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
Business Area
Community Banking

Product Vision and Value Delivery

  • Define a clear vision & business case for the 'Quest'
  • Identify customer needs and translate them into user stories
  • Develop and own clear user story backlog aligned with story prioritization
  • Prioritize user stories for squad members
  • Remove obstacles and coordinate actions for successful implementation
  • Hold responsibility to ensure delivery of targets set for the squad
  • Regularly measure and report the value creation by the Squad
  • Own squad dashboard—ensuring frequent and accurate updates to metrics
  • Approve completion of users stories and decide when to release 'Quest' MVPs


Coordination & Prioritization

  • Align 'Quest' vision & business case with all key stakeholders
  • Ensure alignment of product prioritization decisions with all stakeholders
  • Clearly communicate product developments and impact to all stakeholders


Support and Team Management

  • Understand and communicate user stories across squad members
  • Refine and clarify user stories with input from squad members
  • Ensure continuous & incremental delivery, coordinating with other agile roles as necessary
  • Clearly communicate 'Quest' vision to any third party vendors to motivate, inspire and foster delivery
  • Manage administrative requirements of the Squad members (incl. leave, expense approval)
  • Co-sign evaluation of Squad members together with chapter leads
  • Closely work with chapter lead to ensure squad members are evaluated fairly and can improve performance
  • Implement Large-scale Credit Transformation practice from Submission to Disbursement cutting across Corporate Banking, SME Banking, Credit Management, Credit Risk and Credit Operation.
  • Prepare and Lead the Project Steering Committee Meeting on monthly basis attended by C-level, Project Sponsors and Senior Management across strategic business unit.
  • Lead the feasibility studies to improve Customer Journey, Digital Experience, Sales Productivity, Product Bundling, Credit Tightening Control, DLA Matrix and execute Credit Policy revision for SME Lending.
  • Execute new initiative on improving end-to-end SME Lending journeys by providing Innovation & Solution to key credit processes and offer compelling digital propositions to grow in this critical market segment
  • Offer compelling digital propositions in SME lending featuring dramatically shorter approval and disbursement TaT & Improve RM experience for a more seamless end-to-end journey with enhanced process and automation
  • Sets clear and realistic goals, focused on highest value activities
  • Motivates and inspires others – draws out the best in people
  • Strong team player; able to work with other leaders
  • Good written communication skills
  • Operates with focus of creating value for the customer
  • Understanding of relative compliance requirements and processes
  • Strong problem solving skill to support issue resolution
  • Adept at solving problems in a logical and fact-driven manner (e.g., when tackling technical challenges, obstacles, backlog prioritization)
  • Highly adaptable and able to respond to change fast
  • Resourceful and able to leverage network effectively
  • Ability to collaborate and help the squad members
  • Actively listens to others, understands and values others' views
  • Ability communicate opinions or views of squad/circle members clearly

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